911healty is a pioneer of online health stores. Our mission is to offer you the best of nature in preventive care, including natural ingredients and supplements.

We are a larger group of people(a charitable foundation) who have seen hell to save ourselves and the dear people around us from the evil diseases of today.

And we are very successful at it.

We all decided to help other people with our experiences of using natural remedies who have health problems and did not want to use chemicals (medicines) to improve or prevent their health. Mainly we are all based on old Chinese, Indian, Macedonian, Naturopathy and generally local natural medicine.

All natural supplements are 100% natural and can or should are used as a preventive measure for a better and healthier life.

Our Guiding Principles

911healty is Macedonian owned and independent we are not a company.

We are wholly owned by a charitable foundation. Therefore we are not constrained by the typical commercial pressures for profit, or conflicting issues of parental ownership that afflict many companies in our marketplace.

We provide a genuinely unique range of supplements comprising 911healty vitamins and minerals.

When it comes to nutrition our philosophy is that:

a) There is a ‘Nutrition Gap’ in the population, supported by research, which means that most people are not getting the nutrients they need for health from their diet.

b) Nutrition supplements can bridge this gap when they contain the appropriate (and safe) levels of nutrients as long as the nutrients are in a bio-effective form.

Thousands of health professionals are using our products around the world

Leaders in food based supplementation

Founded and run by health practitioners

An incentivised, nurturing and supportive programme for our practitioners and students

Wholly owned by a charitable foundation and with a unique business ethos and nutritional philosophy.